What is IFPDAVA?

Flight Procedure Design and Validation is a complex field in aviation. It is important for that domain to have a platform for the exchange between international experts, a channel for distributing knowledge and a voice in international working groups and expert panels. The association was founded October 4 2018 by a group of international experts in the domain and is domiciled as a non-profit organisation in Switzerland. IFPDAVA schedules a General Assembly on a yearly basis, normally together with the event "IFP Conference".

IFPDAVA is the voice and the platform for the International Flight Procedure Design and Validation Community, it counts over 120 members worldwide. What has been normal for Airline Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers alike for decades, namely having an International bond to learn from each other and to assist their members, needs to be done for the Flight Procedure people as well.

IFPDAVA is an ICAO-recognized Industry Association and contributes to the development and maintenance of ICAO SARPs, PANS and Guidance Material.

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